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Stump Grinding/Removal

Having a tree stump on your property can be, if not an eyesore, dangerous to you and your family. This unwanted tripping hazard can easily be taken care of with our trump grinding/removal services. Milton Tree Removal will safely and efficiently get rid of any tree stump that has become an inconvenience to your property.

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When a tree has been removed, you are left with an unwanted tree stump that can size anywhere from 6 inches to 3 feet high. Stump grinding and removal is a necessary part of any tree removal process. Tree stumps can only be grinded down with the proper equipment and expertise. Our certified arborists use the latest technology to ensure that you are left with the best result possible.


If the tree stump is too large to be pulled out of the ground, we will grind the stump down around 20 inches below the surface in order to destroy the tree’s root system. This prevents the regrowth of new limbs that old stumps can cause.


It is important that your yard is completely clear of any remaining tree parts. With our state of the art technology and years of experience, we will leave your yard looking neat and tidy, allowing you to enjoy your yard without an ugly tree stump. If you are looking to plant new trees, install a new patio, or looking to expand your grass area, our tree stump grinding service will be ideal for your needs.


Our team will determine the best service for you of either stump grinding or stump removal that works with your needs and budget. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service so that our customers are satisfied with everything we have done.


Call us today for a consultation and we will help remove your unwanted tree stump.

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